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Started Massaging: 2006

Studied at: The Australian Institute of Applied Science

Born: Tennant Creek, NT

Specialty: Neck, back pain, Shoulders, migraines/headaches

Modalities: Sports massage, remedial, deep tissue, pregnancy, advanced deep tissue, trigger point therapy, reflexology, myofascial cupping, structual alignment, rocking, cross fibre immobilisation

Acheivments: Dip Remedial Massage, Cert Sports Massage, Dip IT (PC and Networking Support)

Hobbies: Mountain biking, soccer, cricket, movies, my kids

Goals: Complete a 12hr mountatin bike race

Favourite Saying: :Mountatin biking law of physics - "What goes down, must come up"

Something nobody knows about them: I was in the Australian Institute of Sport, for Ten Pin Bowling

A little something about Daniel:

Daniel Hender


Daniel grew up in Tuncurry, Taree, and Wingham. He moved to Brisbane in 2001, where he studied a Diploma of Remedial Massage at the Australian Institute of Applied Science. Within 2 months of starting the course, Daniel was working for Majestic Health Massage, a highly regarded clinic in Brisbane. He completed an Elite Sports Massage Certificate in 2004. By the time Daniel had finished his diploma he had massaged NRL players, The South African Union Team - The Bulls, and a handful of Olympic Gold Medalists in Beach Volleyball and Hockey, and Australian netball players. Within a year of completing the diploma he had massaged the Australian Cricket Team, Celebrities, QLD Body Building Champion and more

June 2007 he changed clinics to Kenmore Centre for Health, where he learn't simple, yet effective, Structural Aligning Techniques.

October 2008, Daniel decided to move back home and start Hender Massage





Started Massaging: 2005

Studied at:School of Intergrated Body Therapy

Born: Sydney

Specialty: Feet, neck lower back

Modalities: Sports Massage, remedial, trigger point

Acheivments: Dip of Triggerpont Therapy

Hobbies: surfing, kids

Goals: Finish the 2nd half of the Australian trip

Favourite Saying: Life is too short

Something nobody knows about them: I have a marble collection



Started Massaging: 1997

Studied: All Regions Massage School
              Chek (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Institute
              Soma Training (Eldoa method of renowned French osteopath Guy Voyer)
              Australian Institute of Fitness

Born: Katoomba, but raised in Wingham

Specialty: Managing Chronic pain and conditions, Postural Corrections, Mental Health including managing Anxiety and Depression bi polar etc

Modalities: Deep Tissue, Sports, Contractual Tendon /Ligament release, Applied Kinesiology, ELDOA (spinal decompression technique)

Achievements: What I am most proud of is the significant body of knowledge and experience I have accrued from study. Especially in the field of exercise and mental health where I am recognized as one of the leaders in this field.

Goals: As well as building a significant client base here at Hender. I am planning on releasing 2 almost completed books and associated programs for health professionals over the next 2-3 years on exercise and mental health, and contemporary meditation for men.

A Little about yourself: I am a highly qualified and experienced corrective exercise specialist and massage therapist. I have an absolutely insatiable thirst for knowledge about the body, rehabilitation, performance, psychology, physiology and am especially passionate about exercise and mental health. This drive combined with at times painful experiences and medical complications has forced me to seek out some of the best trainers, coaches and health professionals in Australia and the world in both formal and informal study settings. Being a sponge for information I have accrued a significant knowledge and experience base on how to effect real change in clients, How to over come barriers and get results for even the most difficult and challenging issues.

Favourite Music: Mumford and Sons and Imagine Dragons I do seem to do my best healing work with

Favourite Saying: Never Argue with idiots ,they will bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience

Something No one knows about me: I went to school with Daniel Hender



Started Massaging: 2008

Studied at: School of Intergrated Body Therapy

Born: Taree

Specialty: Back and Shoulders

Modalities: Sports Massage, remedial, myofacial, trigger point, lymphatic drainage, pregnancy and cranio sacral therapy

Acheivments: Won a couple of golf trophies a few years ago. But now they have chopped down my handicap so it can never hapen again lol

A little about me: I am a mum of four. Once apon a time I was an exchange student in Korea; uni student; signwritter; gymnastics coach; dance teacher... Not all at once. Now I am a massage therapist, still a mum and loving it!

Favourite Muisc: Good mix of old and new - love something to dance to

Goals: To enjoy life and to be a famous artist

Something nobody knows about me: I'm not really blonde




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